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The style

Since the beginning of time, architecture is expressed on the basis of needs, appropriate and available materials, lifestyles, trends, fashion… And also based on the emergence of new technologies and the integration of new amenities to serve new lifestyles.

Montclair displays its eloquent, distinctive track record in its models inspired by neo-traditionalism.

The company

A new home

Buying a brand new home… For many people, this is the biggest and most tempting transaction in their whole life.

Montclair turns all its expertise to good account to make this experience as smooth as possible!

- Greg Galardo


It's not through the worship of the latest and greatest or a drive to be different, but rather through careful thought and analysis as well as through an effort to get a step ahead of trendy ideas and to favour options banking on sustainability, while questioning ways and means based solely on tradition.

Montclair innovates by constantly questioning arguments and trends underlying the choices it makes, so that each new edition is better than the one before…

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514 489-3864

A client buying a brand new home embarks on a process filled with many questions or different perceptions every step of the way… Montclair's sales team cultivates genuine "availability" to ensure the follow-up of every file and every question.

Clients may come during the various hours when the model homes are open, they may send an email or they may leave a telephone message. The sales team makes a point of following up on the various requests and finding the answers…