Montclair was established in 1935. For the first 20 years, the Company worked on major public works projects, such as water treatment plants and large commercial buildings. Then 19xx marked the Company's turning point toward residential products.

All team members are handpicked for their competence, of course, but even more so for their dedication; they are involved in a process of continuous improvement to always keep pace with the latest innovations in techniques or materials and to integrate the advances in computer technology that play a major role in all phases of construction. Their passion for work well done and delivery that fully meets the commitments and contracts of the sales team have consolidated the reputation of a WORRY-FREE purchase… built by Montclair. Their dedication surpasses standard performance and efficiency criteria: All employees display and project the pride inherent in a product built by Montclair !

All production and management employees work hand in hand with the sales team to ensure that the product delivered is really and truly the one presented, desired and purchased by the Montclair client!

The service providers are handpicked as well; they totally agree with—and fully support—the builder's commitment… like responsible, well-advised partners. In all aspects, the Montclair approach favours co-responsibility, which not only attracts clients the first time, but also proves to be the best guarantee of highly positive word of mouth.

Groupe Montclair