Quality of Life

In Bois-Franc, the housing units are really outstanding—for the wide range of styles, their functionality, the quality of materials, the competence of the builders and their integration into the overall plan. The project's "personality" is its "integrated" development… in the interest of residents' quality of life!

Over 31% of the territory is GREEN AND BLUE—a lot of space to walk, cycle, admire nature around the bodies of water; high-quality urban furniture for children's play facilities or adults' park benches; clay brick buildings to resist wear-and-tear; an architectural servitude to preserve its overall character and the resale value of the housing units.

Bois-Franc is the perfect example of NEW URBAN PLANNING, where pedestrians and cyclists are of prime importance as well as nearness and access to public transit, wise car parking solutions, nearby services and commercial establishments in addition to development adapted to families and people of all ages.

Groupe Montclair