The team leader

The team leader

Greg Galardo took over the reins of the Company from his father, Alfred Galardo, in 1980. His academic training (an MBA from the University of Western Ontario) and his years of experience working in the U.S. market had prepared him well. His profound respect for the family legacy, deeply rooted in values of respect for people and keeping one's word, didn't oblige him, however, to continue on with the same methods and procedures.

An in-depth, systematic analysis of the new trends and new players on the market gave him the idea to change the Company's area of activity: Instead of pursuing civil engineering work (pumping stations, commercial buildings, etc.), Greg opted to develop the residential market. He wanted to innovate and suggest new solutions with regard to both materials and building styles: The Company's construction in Tremblant in 1993 and L'Île-des-Sœurs in the eighties and nineties are good examples of their residential construction achievements. In 20xx, the Company ventured upon a big challenge in Anjou-sur-le-Lac: to take over a financially-strapped project and turn it around so well as to transform it into a huge success. The Company completed the mandate by constructing two 8-storey buildings of remarkably superior construction.

Then a business opportunity arose, just at the right time—an exclusive, different housing project—potentially spanning over 20 years. An opportunity involving a number of builders, of course, but which stood out, even as early as its design stages, for its New Urbanism approach and its ideal location in Saint-Laurent, which described it as a TOD (Transit Oriented Development) project. Montclair's Greg Galardo was all in favour of this project and hopped on the bandwagon of the Bois-Franc housing project in Saint-Laurent.

This project was a golden opportunity to develop various real estate products—condominiums, townhouses and single-family dwellings. And also a wonderful chance to perfect certain product lines for a number of years, in order to integrate both the new materials and the new trends. It moreover provided an opportunity to work together with other builders offering other products in different price ranges. It was even a chance to include a golf course in the real estate offer..

For Greg, the Bois-Franc project became like his own product development laboratory, where he gradually built over 1,000 different units, starting in 1994. Then in 2010, another major step! Bombardier Real Estate Services, the project developer, decided to put up for sale the balance of the available plots of land east of boulevard Cavendish. At that time, Montclair teamed up with Sotramont to create Les Développements Bois-Franc in order to take over as developer of this major housing project.

In 2013, Les Développements Bois-Franc planned Le Quartier, the final phase of the project, and obtained the approval of the Borough of Saint-Laurent to carry it out. Montclair pursued its role as builder and offered contemporary consumers a distinctive product… built by Montclair: superior quality housing, at a competitive price, gradually and carefully integrating the improvements promoted in LEED and NovoClimat approaches.

Through his leadership, Greg has attracted talented team members who share his values of integrity, transparency and respect for the clientele. They are pleased to have such an expert captain to steer the ship to its destination!

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