• 29 March 2019

Recipient of AA Quality Rating

Recipient of AA Quality Rating

Recipient of AA Quality Rating 1024 683 Groupe Montclair

Ray Khalil (conseiller municipal de Ste-Dorothée), Nicolas Galardo (groupe Montclair), Henrik Houle (groupe Montclair), Dominique Galardo (groupe Montclair), Daniel Laplante (GCR)

Groupe Montclair is proud to receive the AA Quality Rating accredited by Garantie de construction résidentielle (GCR). This award of distinction acknowledges that Montclair projects are proof of construction quality that exceeds industry standards, of customer satisfaction, and of an excellent financial record.

Since 2014, Garantie de construction résidentielle’s mission has been to administer guarantee plans for new residential buildings and to protect buyers. This neutral, independent non-profit organization (NPO) authorizes quality ratings from AA to D.

The quality rating that Groupe Montclair received (AA) is the highest. A quality of construction that exceeds standards is one of the criteria for obtaining this rating. This means applying best practices, averaging 91 points in inspection reports, and no point losses in the collaboration score.

An AA rating is also determined by the projects’ financial aspect. It is based on low debt, good net value, a good liquidity ratio, etc.

Lastly, a customer satisfaction rating also has an impact on the GCR quality rating. The greatest satisfaction for the Montclair team is, without a doubt, having satisfied customers that refer their network or come back for a new Montclair home.

For more information, visit: https://www.garantiegcr.com/fr/entrepreneurs/accreditation/cote-qualite-gcr/.